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July 14, 2017

The knowledge of the village – a call for papers

In this episode, J. Richard Jones talks about the appointment of George Ross as the new editor-in-chief of CGE, also, a call for papers that will help shape the agenda of TechGov, a new event that is planned for Nov 7-8 in Ottawa and helping with CASL.

Show Notes

New editor-in-chief of CGE

We have been pretty busy planning our 2018 content strategy and I am most pleased to announce and welcome the appointment of our new editor-in-chief, George Ross.

This is big news for Canadian Government Executive and its means a significant increase in our content horsepower. Our listenership and readership can now expect an even better level of content reporting from CGE. George is now at the helm of the CGE editorial team and will be carefully guiding us through the next year. You can look forward to more reporting across the provinces, even more, in-depth content on the topics that affect Canadian public sector executives.

As the new editor-in-chief, George brings a wealth of experience to the position. He has held many different deputy minister portfolios both with the Government of Ontario and the Yukon Territorial Government during his public-sector career. As a proven and decisive leader, Ross is known for his ability to connect government with business and has embodied public service leadership through a life-long commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. He has led large and complex decentralized organizations and built high-performing engaged executive teams. He has also worked on several research and innovation programs and policy.

George will be joining the CGE radio team as well with his inaugural show coming soon. Be sure to look out for him as he will be on the show very often.

To read about George Ross, go here.

A call for papers

If you haven’t heard already, Canadian Government Executive has announced the launch of a brand new conference called TechGov. TechGov takes place on November 7-8 in Ottawa at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. We are working with various departments to help shape the agenda along with an advisory committee to provide the direction.

The conference’s theme will focus on three key areas – digital, engagement and innovation and is designed to address the issues around Innovation and Leadership, Digital Government Trends, Emerging Technologies and Citizen Engagement. That’s just some of the planned topics which will hopefully whet your appetite to attend.

However, we know that success is not achieved alone and that our listenership and readership have always been most generous in helping us to develop and deliver the best content to our community. And with this event, we are inviting you to help us design the conference content by submitting papers and suggestions on specific topics. It’s our goal to build the best possible conference for public sector executives, senior IT executives and select private sector executives who can share and contribute to the public sector. And this is where you can help.

Shortly, we are going to be issuing a call for papers and if you’re involved in any of the topics below, then we would love to hear from you. Please submit your best papers and suggestions for the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Digital Transformation
Procurement & Technology

By submitting your content and suggestions, you may be selected to speak or host one of our moderation panels at the event. By doing this, you help us to shape the best and most relevant content streams for this event, in a “knowledge of the village” approach. If you’re interested in submitting content and in helping to table the challenges and solutions that public sector executives need to hear about, then please consider sending in your papers for submission to me at or by contacting our editor-in-chief at Your contribution will really help and we thank you in advance.

By the way, registration is now open for the TechGov conference and from what I understand there are some great early bird rates that you can take advantage of, so don’t miss out. Go to for more details.


Have you renewed your subscription to CGE? We are developing a new subscription process that offers you several content services and special rewards. You can look for this roll-out to occur over the summer and we appreciate your patience while we fine-tune our subscription process. In the meantime, the new CASL privacy regulations are now in full effect. Please review your subscription options with CGE and review your options for receiving our weekly newsletter. This will truly help us to avoid any hassles with CASL.

You can do so by emailing or contact us directly at 905-841-7389.

Latest Issue

And finally, have you seen the June/July issue of CGE yet? It’s available in print and digital editions. Check it out. Here are just some of the topics covered in this edition.

• Confronting the Wicked: Using Evaluation to Boost Innovation
• The Case for Strategic Foresight as Design Tool
• APEX: Serving the needs of public sector executives
• Accountable Anonymity in Achieving Collaboration: GitHub’s Promise?
• Using Behavioural Insights to Improve Government Programs and Services: The Case of Job Match
• The Future of Internal Audit
• Measuring the Impact of Local Market Development Agreements

Well, that’s our show for this week and you can look forward to some pretty exciting radio episodes over the next few weeks as George joins us to provide his views and insights and we release more exciting details about events and more.

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